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I… am floating… somewhere… in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing around me but endless darkness. Am I… dead?


… Heh… If this is hell, I never want to see heaven; I did nothing that Arceus would be proud of that he would open those fancy golden gates for me. This place was not so bad: the Promised Land where I could be… free at last. The burden had all vanished in an instant; that feeling of ecstasy was overwhelming. Thinking back, I did say: “I would kill them all and we will all go to hell together.”


“Such a buzz kill.” A voice spoke out from the depths of nothing. “Soren…huh?”


Oh yeah, I almost forgot about… her.


“Why don’t you just cease and desist. You and I are done.”


“Done?” it yelled as if I just muttered the dirtiest word in the universe. “You… did not do… anything. You just ran from your troubles like a scared little girl.”


“And you think I like running? I ran because I had no choice. Not like you would understand that.”


“You are just a coward! All that talk about revenge and vengeance against those who did you wrong… it was all just a hoax. You cannot accomplish anything because for the fact you cannot even do anything.”


“If you hate me so much, why don’t you just… oh I don’t know, LEAVE?”


“Listen closely, wittle wuna. I don’t like you and I am sure, as hell, you don’t like me. I am going to let you in on a little secret. I am YOU. 


Those words banged on my head like a hammer driving a nail through wood. How did it happen? How did I transform into someone like her? Why would I become like this? It is simply impossible!


“I hate you for this shell of a life you are living; you have no idea what hell did I have to go through in order for you to be even alive. Then you gambled your life FOR NOTHING and now you are just going to give up?”


“I…” I tried to say but she wasn’t done.


“You are such a baby. So many Pokemon had placed their lives on the line for yours. Even Charla would be displeased at you!


“… I don’t know any more….”



Sunny waited with her paws crossed outside the operation room; she could faintly hear the frantic situation inside. Sunny paced around for a good two hours now. Her mind fixated on praying and hoping for the best. Nancy was at the sideline, also extremely worried. However, Sunny was also thinking about the horror she saw earlier: the harsh reality of the real world. Suddenly, a chill inducing sound echoed through the hallway from Luna’s room.


The silence from the room confirmed her suspicions. Sunny, overwhelmed with grief, pushed past the doctors and her parents to Luna’s lifeless husk. She hugged her friend and refused to let go. As Sunny felt the lack of a pulse, she started to hammered Luna's torso with her paws as hard as she could, venting out her sorrows.


How could she perish… she’s the strongest and smartest Pokémon I ever knew! She could not have given up that easily! Luna, please, you are stronger than this! If you wake up Wake up!


“Sunny! There’s nothing you can do! She’s… gone, just accept it….” Nancy cried, trying to calm Sunny down. As Sunny continued to generate a pulse for Luna, there was a sudden small gust of wind and the cardiograph sprang to life again.


“Hey, stop banging on my chest, you fire psycho!” Luna screamed out and slapped Sunny with enough force to sent her flying off the bed.

“It’s… a miracle…” one of the doctors gasped and went to check up on Luna. Sunny was forced out and she smiled that Luna was alive, despite the painful sting on her cheek.


After a few hours, Luna was admitted into a hospital room for the rest of the night. Sunny wanted to stay but Nancy decided that Luna should rest peacefully. Luna had a lot of bandage wrapping around her body; it was very uncomfortable, even though the grievous wound she received seemed to have vanished as quickly as it had appeared. She sat back up and stared blankly into the darkness then down to her paws.


Something strange happened tonight. I don’t know what it was exactly but I know it was not a coincidence.


Luna was shifting around, trying to get comfortable. Then an unknown visitor came in abruptly.


Luna was startled at first but then slowly started to inspect the guest from the moonlight seeping in from the curtains and the warm hue of the hospital light in the corridor. The stranger wore heavy robes and a large beret; it had a very particular looking cross pendant around her neck and the design of the robes and beret seemed to indicate that she was from a religious group. The brown fur and quadruped form hints that it was an Eevee.


“Are you lost?” Luna asked politely but the priest did not respond as how Luna had anticipated.


“You let her get to you, am I right to say?” She asked suddenly; Luna was taken aback by the strange question. “The shadow of yours, you let her win already?”


“I have no idea what are you talking about.” Luna rebutted strongly, but she knew that this priest knew something about her.


“I am only going to say this once.” The priest said darkly as she walked up to Luna and placed her face extremely close. “The moment you lose control, I have no choice… but to put you down. Like a mad dog.”


That hit a nerve and Luna moved so quick that normally it would have been impossible to dodge it. But the priest somehow moved even faster. Luna slid and crashed headlong into a drawer. While she cringed, the priest stood calmly behind her.


“What do you know about me?” Luna growled and the priest merely adjusted her clothing casually. “Spill it!”


“You want the truth that badly?” the priest said as she turned to her side, facing the door. “Why don’t you search the place where it all began? The D.A.T.A. Research and Experimental Facility on Lunar Island. You can take a ferry from Jube City.”


“Just tell me!” Luna yelled and she tried to pounce on her. But, she vanished without a trace. Luna rammed her head into a table, pitifully blacking out. The clock on the table was knocked off and it hit the back of Luna’s head, stopping at exactly 12 o’clock midnight.



“Please… no. I don’t want to fight.”


A withered Eevee begged from the floor. She was… wearing the same things as me (without the ribbons). She looked at me with those scared silver eyes… the same as mine.


I did not hear a reply from whoever she was speaking to but instead, my vision started to close in on her. As if… I was the one who she was talking to.


“Please… I give up! I don’t… want to die. Please… Sis….”


The scene took a turn for the worst as whoever it was, took hold of the trembling lump of fur and preceded to finish her off. And the sickest part of this, I could hear that maniac’s laughter and feel its sadistic joy from seeing its actions. After that Eevee was put out of its misery and left as a bloody mess, another voice spoke and it recognize it: Zooid.



“Luna!” Someone called out. “Come on, sleepy head! You’re officially discharged already.”


Luna groaned as her head was still spinning. After what she just dreamt, there was no way of forgetting what happened. Her eyes were demented, as if she had her life sucked out of her.


“Are… you ok?” Sunny asked as she circled around to see Luna’s face. And she immediately backed away in fright. “Wah! GHOST!”


“Who are you calling a ghost?!” Luna retorted and she reverted to her old self. But what the priest said to her last night was still hanging her shoulders.


“Jube City… ferry… Lunar Island.” Luna muttered soft as she thought about what she wanted at this current moment. Luna’s plans had been about running and finding a way to remove the collar around her neck. “Damn, if only this collar was….”


“Oh yeah, I had been meaning to tell you something about that collar.” Sunny said suddenly and Luna realized she literally compressed her face at the side of her head. Her breath smelled like the breakfast of hotcakes and Oran berry juice she had that morning. Luna, out of reflex, did a twist and headlocked Sunny and slammed her face into the floor.  “Owwie. What was that for?”


“That’s for your own good.” Luna remarked simply. “There’s something called personal space.”


Luna sighed and she helped Sunny back up. Sunny readjusted herself and Luna caught a momentary smirk on her face.


“So what were you going to tell me about my collar?” Luna asked, though sort of knowing that Sunny had some kind of scheme going on.


“Well, Jube City is one of the most hi-techy places in the world. They also manufacture most of the whatever-it-is-called that we use.”


“I see! So I can go there and find a way to get this thing off!” Luna exclaimed, overjoyed that she found a solution.


But…” Sunny injected forcefully. “I am going to tag along. I don’t think you know how to get there without getting lost.”


So that’s her plan all along…. As annoying as she is, she’s got a point there. I don’t know how to get there and the less time I spend getting lost, the better off I would be. But… on the other paw….


“Didn’t you see the kind of people who are after me?” Luna replied darkly and the atmosphere of the conversation changed in a heartbeat. Sunny had a sudden chill: she saw and experienced first paw that the famous and notorious bandit leaders were after Luna. The lengths of how far would they go to get her was astonishing and also made Sunny wonder why.


“That wasn’t fair!” Sunny pouted, “I didn’t even get a chance to fight.”


“Ugh… Alright, alright…” Luna groaned in irritation. “You can come along but don’t expect me to do everything for you. I live for myself, got it?”


“Yes, sir!”




With that, they headed out of the hospital. Sunny had brought along a decent amount of Poke and they sat down at a nearby café for breakfast whilst planning what do they need.


“So, tour guide, how are we getting to this Jube City?” Luna asked as she took a generous bite out of a sandwich. Luna realized that she had not eaten for day and she was left with just skin and bone. The food provided a powerful wave of revitalization throughout Luna’s body. Hungry, she started to gobble down her food as fast as possible.


“Well,” Sunny continued, looking carefully at a map she set on the table. “The direct route from her was shut off due to a recent rockslide so I guess… we will-“


Luna jabbed a knife suddenly into the map, piercing it and leave a mark. Sunny looked up and grew frightened at the sight of Luna’s demented annoyed face.


“Don’t worry, the longer route… is actually better for us, isn’t it?” Sunny said while nervously trying to keep a smile on her face. “You still have people after you so… the longer route takes us through two cities before our destination. Bandits cannot just attack carelessly when we are in town.”


Luna finished her drink and got up. Sunny quickly folded the map and packed up.


“Well, at least, let’s go look for some gear.” Luna suggested and she let Sunny lead the way to the shops.



This… is going to be torture.

ORACLE: Avenger Of Darkness Chapter 23
Chapter 23

Luna: I had traded whatever I loved for this... there's no turning back.

Sunny: She seemed to have changed... but she's still cool!

I do not own Pokemon, Luna and any other characters, location and story are all fictional.
Pokemon is the property of Nintendo (and other respective owners that I did not mention)
Have you had tons of hard work and effort just critically judge and tossed back at you with one word?

Horrible. Both what I felt and also that word that sent all of my thoughts down the toilet.

Almost as bad as tearing a bandaid and applying salt on top. But this time, it was on my own life.

These hands of mine. They can do magic and apparently, can make shit. And I mean the smelly kind. I tried to polish poop and just fell short.

Was I my own fault for not being that artistic person that spent each day crafting. Day in and day out. I really feel like I had wasted my life and when I try to get it back, it just bury me under.

Lacking... what you would call, skills. Was it even okay to think that I should be able to compare with others? So many... people had told me: there's no use comparing yourself to the world, and that the one I should be comparing is to my old work.

Heh, its funny. I kept getting better but it was not fast enough. I really wanted to finally break though that murky cloud barrier and see the light. I sometimes believe that I belong into this murk, just like a lot of people. Unwanted, useless... a waste.

I am no miracle worker. I know that much. I spent hours toiling around this swamp that it began to corrupt my own heart. I am already broken before I even started getting back up. Was I to blame as well? For being broken inside? For even second of my life I spent living?

To many others, I am the villain. Sometimes the goof... or even just plain nothing. I am memorable but for the wrong reasons. Was it out of pity? Or was it that they saw some potential that they could make use of? Heh... I wish I could believe that... I would rather be the one with potential and being used than one without any and discarded like trash. Just like my work.

Sorry... the day was really horrible and if I don't say something, it will bite me sooner or later in a way I don't want. If I am depressed, I think I will just type these sort poems or poetic stories. Don't worry about me... I am not entertaining death.
After that last journal... so sorry.

I was indeed depressed and I needed to vent a little so I made that. You can see it from the first half. After I started to calm down, the second half is somewhat out of topic already.

I had been under a bit of stress and my negativity got better of me. Anyways, I am so sorry to worry anyone.

I had been juggling well so far, despite one or two slips. I had also found time to further build up my own creatures. I will unveil them when I am happy with them


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