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My current original species that I have been developing have been lacking a true name. I call them Elute for easier call back but that name is just a spur of the moment decision that does not carry any real meaning.

Elute is a word that is related to chemistry and I don't see a strong tie with my creatures. I need some names... I don't know what to really call them.

The creatures under this name includes:

Aria, Requiem, Aurora, Melke, and(Some other unnamed creatures in progress) 

Here is some info so that you might be able to help me (or maybe nobody will see this and it will forever be forgotten in my journal pool of shame)

Basic summary:
This species consists of small furry creatures that have the innate ability to conjure forth wings and take flight. They possess something known as an Index stone/gem that they carry and integrate into their daily wear as they would not let it out of their sight. These creatures have the ability to use magic in their own way and form that is dictated by their soul.

Able to use magic
Able to fly
Carries a gemstone with them at all times

The Index Stone/Gem:
These creatures are born out of magical energy and during their birth, a stone will be forged out of the leftover energy. These are their own spirit stones. They are eternally connected to their owners and serves as a mirror to their personality and soul. The stone transforms into their true form as gemstones when the time was right. The light and new brilliance from their new form unlocks their owner's respective powers.

The gemstone acts a unique artefact to its owner, allowing them to use their power with ease and added effect. In any other hands, it is just a normal gemstone. The gemstone glows and shines brightly when the owner remembers and stay true to their strongest virtue but dims and dulls when despair and hopelessness reign supreme. This darkness in the gem is called taint. Taint weakened the gem's effects and also makes it structurally weaker.

Though unthinkable and rare occurrence, the gemstone is breakable when it is fully corrupted with taint. If it breaks, something bad happens. (this is a spoiler in ORACLE, both in Aurora's story and Aria's story >.<)

There are two major distinction races in this species: Genesis and Exodus.
The two races are based on individual virtues and wishes, thus interchangeable.Before the index stone transformations, everyone is classified under one common name:Nullus

The two races are visibly distinct in their wings. Genesis have bright wings while Exodus have dark wings. Both of the races have a subclass ahead of the norm, reserved for elite Genesis or Exodus who have strong latent magical ability. The highest level Genesis are called Arbiters and the most respected Exodus are known as Harbingers.

There is a third classification for hybrid creatures as well.

Wow that's a lot of info I have for you... If you are still around... I need a name for them

Since I have an emphasis on their gemstones, I was thinking of calling something related to it.
  • Mood: Shitty
I walked down this dark path and now turned and walked down another. The truth is that my trustworthiness died along with my confession. I lost the ability to be genuine and passionate. This new path's end is beautiful but the road is hard and tough. Life will throw you challenges at the worst timing possible. The harder you try, the more you have to suffer.

Wanting to be someone starts from the first step, no matter how late you are, it's possible. The irony is that I am a wreck and I live in an environment where changes need to be fast. If you're too slow, the transition will take you down to the ground. The ice and hard brick around one's depressed heart and the anxiety triggers do not melt away over night, they will stay for as long as you live. Breaking them down needs a lot of acceptance from yourself and others, problem is... I repel people. The only ones who stuck around are the ones who have the same or worse problems than me as they fully understand. Trying to be someone when you're a nobody inside is a true joke, like trying to sell a hollow apple. The people around me are 'used' to my anxiety and depression and it's regarded as normal. Is suffering internally normal? Is the systems that govern me designed to keep me feeling down and wanting to strive hard for nothing? I am a joke, a empty shell that wanted to be full again when the world around already labelled you and moved on.

I will keep trying, I will see things through until my last breath passes.
I wonder if anyone would be interested to an ask blog style to this channel.. particularly, Melke, in a story ask blog.
Up next on my tablet sketching table: Azure (such a cutie)
:Gift: OC Profile Azure The Shapeshifter by J-Starlight
I hate to say this but I can relate to this:


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