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I woke up shortly after I blacked out only to find that my front legs were pinned to my sides and had rope tightly wrapped around me. I tried to speak but a large wad of cloth was stuffed into my mouth and a piece of tape covered it so that I could not spit it out. I was helpless and I tried to wriggle my way free… big mistake.



“Easiest ten thousand Poke job in bounty hunters’ history.” A voice said and Sunny then realized that she was stuffed into a sack. She squirmed around a little, tried to kick but then her hind legs were also bound. Her captors really thought of everything to stop her escape. After more conversation, Sunny suddenly felt her captors stopping suddenly and the sack was set down.



As the sack was opened up, she saw the Pokémon that kidnapped her: a Leavanny and an Emolga.



These two… I had seen them before at the bakery. They are bounty hunters… but why are they after me? I don’t have anything that could be worth ten thousand.



The Emolga then discharged her electricity. Sunny’s muscles got a spasm and then her mind could not take it and forced her to black out once again.



After a short moment that seemed like an eternity, Sunny woke up again and when she did she was tied to a pillar inside the old abandoned windmill.



Ouch… where am I? Isn’t this the old windmill that was destroyed a few years ago when a meteor struck the roof? But why did they bring me here? These ropes are too tight… I can’t get out.



“Now listen carefully, captive.” A Froslass said, gliding up to Sunny with a Glalie behind her.  The Froslass then held up the pink ribbons that Luna sent her to get. Sunny’s eyes widened as she saw those.



 “I am sure you know the Eevee that these… belong to.”



“Gimmph thmmph bmmph!” Sunny responded, trying to yell into her gag but all that came out was nonsense that no Pokémon could understand. The Froslass merely discard the ribbons aside alongside the rubble, along side the robe.



Sunny’s eyes followed the falling ribbons as the Froslass moved to the side as the Glalie moved up in front. From behind, the Froslass forcefully jerked Sunny’s head toward the Glalie and held it there.



“When I get out of this, I am going to turn you into steam! And by the way, did you just call yourself old?”



Suddenly, an ice shard jabbed into her right hind leg.



“That’s for being cheeky. We should take this chance to teach ignorant little brats like you to respect your elders. Don’t you agree, master?”



Argh! That hurt! I got to get out of-



Before Sunny could do anything else, the Glalie’s eyes glowed in a spellbinding cyan light. The light soon captivated Sunny and something strange was stirring within her mind.



Wha… what’s going on…? My heart… it’s freezing…. All the warmth… joy… disappears… just like that. It’s so cold… so dark. I…I… am drowning….



Sunny’s eyes lost focus and they became empty as Glalie continued his stare. The sharp painful jab from earlier seemed to have failed to register in Sunny’s mind. He chuckled and before he could actually finish the hypnotic spell, a rock flew through the air and smashed on his floating body.



Luna hid amongst the shadows from the rubble under the dwindling light of dusk. She threw the rock and gave away her presence but it was all to save Sunny. Up against two opponents in a fatigued state, this might be Luna’s toughest battle yet. Luna hoped that the two would start to separate to seek her out so that she could silently incapacitate both without using too much energy.



“Nice of you to drop by for us. #3170.” The Froslass exclaimed and then Luna felt the temperature drop unnaturally fast. Before Luna knew it, the entire area was covered in a huge ice dome. She was trapped. “Why don’t you come out and introduce yourself like a good little girl?”



Luna hid and waited for them to try and find her. It was a tense few minutes but Luna’s plan seemed to have bore fruit. The Froslass was spotted, gliding around looking her. Luna took this chance: she teleported to another blind spot and then threw out something from her makeshift leaf bag. The Froslass was caught and entangled by the bola that Luna threw. Before she could phase out of the binds, Luna teleported again and knocked her out cold with a powerful blow to the back of head.



“Impressive little toy you made there.” Someone’s cold dark voice called out and Luna turned around to see the Glalie looking at her. “So, you’re that dangerous pet that Zooid keeps on a tight leash? This should be fun to see you struggle.”



Luna was not in the mood to talk; the only thing in her mind is Sunny’s wellbeing. Luna took out another bola she made and hurl it at the Glalie. An ice beam hit the flying weapon and instantly froze it completely; it fell and shattered upon impact with the ground. Tension grew at the sight of the shattered remains of the bola. Luna still had something inside her leaf bag but all of them seemed to be ineffective in this current situation. Luna was starting to feel the cold and she did not like it as made her feel sleepy; A huge ice chuck was forming on top of her and Luna just noticed the shadow. Luna tumbled out of the way in time but it was not the end of her trouble. The Glalie had summoned forth a huge icy blizzard at the top of dome; huge ice spikes began to rain down on them.


Luna ran around and avoided being impaled by the large crystals; the Glalie did not even move from his spot. Firing more frost beams, Luna narrowly evaded by teleporting a short distance. As Luna accidentally slipped and fell face first, the Glalie was charging up another powerful attack while Luna struggled with the terrain.



This is not good. This is like a repeat of what happened with Chloe and her lasers. But when they are charging like that, I think their trajectory was pre planned. I am really out of stamina; it’s all or nothing.



Luna gave it all she had in one final attack: she disappeared once again and reappearing instantly behind the Glalie. Luna whipped out a second bola from her leaf bag and hurled it at the Glalie, hoping to knock him out.



“Too predictable.”



The powerful frost blast stuck the flying bola first and shattered it into tiny pieces before hitting Luna and pushing her back. Hitting her back against the floor by the pillar where Sunny was at, Luna struggled to even move her chilled body. Shutting an eye and gritting her teeth from the sheer pain, Luna forced herself to look up.



“Sunny… are you… okay?” Luna panted as she endured the pain. Luna then realized something.



Sunny usually does not shut up and her captors did not gag her this time… so why isn’t she saying anything?



A timely shard landed behind the pillar and weakened the ropes. But Sunny, instead of escaping, she let her body weight take control and flopped to her side like a lifeless puppet. Her cold empty eyes stared into Luna’s and a different sort of chill took hold within Luna.



It… can’t be…. She’s… dead?



“You should be more concerned about yourself!” The Glalie bellowed as he unleashed a charged up attack. Luna, who was shocked to the core, did not avoid and was stuck. Luna was slammed against the back wall and then ice grew all around her limbs keeping her immobile. The Glalie ignored Sunny and glided up to Luna.



“What… have you… done to… Sunny. You Bastard!” Luna spat into the Glalie’s face as tears flowed from her eyes as freely as a waterfall.



Glalie started with a small laugh to a big and hearty snicker. He enjoyed the look of torment on Luna’s face; he took a while to piece together what she was talking about. The rain of spikes seemed to have subsided as the Glalie looked at



“Oh that useless pile of fur? I was just going to leave her there to rot.” The Glalie commented with a spitefully innocent tone. “Not like it really matters to me.”



The Glalie floated closer to attempt the same trick he executed on Sunny but Luna started to glow in a sinister purple. Luna’s mind became clouded with the desire to avenge Sunny and the dark shadow decided to speak up.



“Don’t you hate him? Despise him? Don’t you want to tear him into little chunks and paint this place with his blood? Just let those primal instincts of yours take over… AND BREAK HIM APART!”



Luna unleashed a feral howl with a supreme force that blasted that Glalie backwards quite a distance. The howl also shattered the ice holding Luna and then she transformed into a huge monster once again.



“Guess I hit the right tune.” The Glalie remarked as he got and had a stare down with the rage induced beast. “Let’s dance.”



The beast did not wait and charged forth at the Glalie. From actual fear for his life, the Glalie took control of all the accumulated ice in the area and made them swirl in a huge vortex. As the ice rammed against the beast’s body, a dense mist cloud was forming and covering the ruins of the windmill. The beast was unfazed by the ice smashing onto its body neither it nor the mist that was created. It had a strong sense of smell and was extremely durable. The Glalie floated upwards and directing all fragments of ice to fly up and concentrate into a sphere before him. But before he could finish, something flew past him and reached its peak above him. However, looking up was too late as he was then body slammed back down to earth. The beast unleashed its claws and was about to literally tear him apart. The Glalie realized and instantly froze the floor again, slipping the beast up. As it fell, it stretched out its claws and allowed momentum to do the rest of the work. A huge thud later, the Glalie floated out of the mess but his round body bared a huge scratch mark. Despite all of this, he managed to smirk.



“Well played…” The Glalie laughed as the beast raised itself for another attack. “But play time is over.”



Glalie suddenly levitated a sort of remote from the bag that Froslass had left on the ground. The Glalie turned the dial on it and then pointed it right at her. The beast sudden withered in pain and thrashed about a little more before transforming back into Luna. The collar around Luna’s neck, which was in clear view, started to make high pitched sounds and unleashing high voltage electricity. Luna screamed and she was soon brought to the ground after a few seconds.



“You see, my dear girl. That collar was designed to keep you under control. They knew that they were training an army of monsters so they prepared quite well for that.” Glalie explained as he floated around Luna as the electricity was still keeping her at bay and helpless. “They did their research and experimentations well. That avatar form of yours is connected heavily to your body but your psyche is a different matter. By subduing your mental channeling by emitted an uncomfortable high frequency pitch and disrupting your bodily movements through electric shocks to your main body within that ‘shell’, you can see the results.”



It was a trap all along! And I fell for it…. This collar is going to haunt me until I get it off…. I… am losing focus… can’t lose… must fight….



“No use resisting, that voltage was not even high but what if I just turn the dial up….” Glalie mocked and Luna felt the intensity going up slowly and she was fighting a losing battle with her own body.


“You know, I actually am amazed at what you are. Face it, how many Pokemon in this world could safely say they know and understand your condition. I believe you have yet to realize what you are truly capable of; forget Zooid and his fancy tech, join me, as partners, you and I. Together we could achieve great things and nobody could stop us!  What do you say?”



“Go kill yourself! I rather die than work for any of you!” Luna panted as she struggled to even move. The Glalie sighed, the Froslass seemed to have recovered from her blackout and used her ice power to lock down Luna to the floor. She was about to say something but the Glalie was not finished and he was having a rather sadistic smile on his face.



“That could be arranged.” The Glalie replied and he rearranged Luna so that she was cuffed down on an inclined ice block, limbs all spread out. He then shot an ice beam on the ground that grew out a long spike that pricked Luna’s skin. The Glalie then manipulated it and made it grow even more.



The ice first pierced Luna’s skin then pushed into her lower body. It was being painted red as it continued to push deeper, slowly. Luna screamed out in pain and did not stop for a bit until the Glalie stopped.



Noises and voices could be heard from outside the barrier; the dome was getting hit from the exterior and it was a matter of time until it was broken. The Glalie contemplated for a short while before turning to Luna again who was trying with all her worth not to let the pain get to her.



“Hm, Zooid never did say he wanted you dead or alive.” The Glalie said then he suddenly lunged the spiked a lot deeper then pulled it out and released Luna onto the ground; Luna was on the verge of passing out due to blood loss. “By the way, my name’s Soren. Leader of the Snow Diablos.”



With that, they both disappeared into the dense mist they created. Luna struggled weakly in her bind.



“Come… back… here…. You… killed… my mom.” Luna cried pitifully as she collapsed for good.



Sunny, who finally broke out of her trance, wandered about aimlessly as she heard familiar voices then she bumped into something. Her eyes were still unfocused but as they start to fixate, she saw Luna’s motionless body on the ground.



“L-L-Luna…? W-what d-d-did t-they d-do to y-you?” Sunny stammered badly as she continued to realize the horror before her.



“What happened here?” Nancy asked but Sunny looked up at her, tears were rolling down her face and her eyes were widened and fearful.



“Mom, we need to get Luna to a hospital! She’s not… breathing!” Sunny said, while trying to contain herself.




Luna… please, you can’t die! You saved my life and I owe it to you. Don’t leave this world without giving me a chance to repay you!

ORACLE: Avenger Of Darkness Chapter 22
Chapter 22

Update 12/10/14:
OMFG! This chapter took a looooong time to rework. The battle had been reworked and more details on Luna's powers have been added.

(if you have read the previous version, I WANT YOU READ THIS ONE!)

I do not own Pokemon, Luna and any other characters, location and story are all fictional.
Pokemon is the property of Nintendo (and other respective owners that I did not mention)
From now on, for the sake of simplicity. I will make any chapter or work that is dubbed as incomplete or under revision as WIP (work in progress)

Due to ORACLE reaching a pivot point of the plot story the chapters have more to rework.

Several hours had passed; the events during that time were a blur. The sun had slowly set from the highest point in the sky but nobody could see it: clouds had rolled in and a little drizzle had begun.


Sunny woke with a start as her mind and body finally reconnected after the black out; she looked around her and then realized that she was in her room. She sat up and took a while to gather her thoughts while looking out on the rain.


Huh? Wait… what happened? I was battling Luna then I was at the lake… then….


“Luna!” Sunny called out as she left the room and ran to the guest room where she knew Luna would be staying; she flung the door open to see Luna lying down on the bed with an ice pack on her head. Sunny then realized that she also had a bandage on her forehead by looking at the mirror in Luna’s room.


“Oh, its you.” Luna replied weakly; her body was strong but her mind was exhausted. She smiled at Sunny as she approached her in bed. “Great to see you are still alright.”


“What happened?” Sunny asked; Luna shrugged as she also woke up just a few minutes ago. Nancy soon came back into the room and was surprised to find Sunny there as well. Nancy set down the tray with a bowl of soup and then she fed Luna some.


“I am not sure what you two did but when a young saint came by and said that she found you two passed out, I was worried out of my mind!”


Sunny then remembered that she was suddenly sent to the middle of the lake while Luna remember someone rescued her after she saved Sunny.


A saint? Around these parts? And… what did she say? Swear that I became even crazier each time she met me? Does… she know who and what I am? AH?! All these questions and no answers are just fustrating.


“I guess I lost, didn’t I?” Sunny said, disappointed. “So that means I could not tag along?”


Luna looked at Sunny’s crestfallen face, it really does not fit her at all. Luna paused for a moment and then she recalled something: “I said it means I have to reconsider carefully… not that you don’t have a chance.”


Even thought it was an excellent point, Sunny was still disappointed that she failed to leave a good impression. However, to Luna, Sunny left a very big and painful fiery impression that she could not forget easily. Luna sighed as she let herself rest to regain strength then she saw that something was missing then she tried to get off the bed.


“Luna?” Nancy said as Luna stirred suddenly and wanted to leave. “What’s wrong? You seem very tired, get some rest.”


“My ribbons and robe. I left them by the stump and I can’t really move. They are really important to me.”


"Don't worry, leave it to me!" Sunny said in her usual vigor and left the room, leaving Nancy and Luna together. Nancy looked at Luna and then she lifted the ice pack off her head. After checking her temperature, she set the ice pack on the table then levitated the spoon.


“Thanks for saving her life.” Nancy said as she slowly prompted Luna to open her mouth. “Sunny may not have said it but she can’t swim at all.”


We are all Pokémon, aren’t we? Everyone have their own weakness, fears and strengths. I hope Sunny remembers where she took me for the battle.


Sunny walked out and retraced her steps but she took one wrong turn and ended up walking in a circle. The lack of light made it much harder to navigate.


“Was it left twice to a right turn or right twice then a left? Maybe walk straight from here?” Sunny asked herself as she tried to find her way.


Along the way, Sunny saw a strange figure standing alone under the shade of the tree in rain. Getting closer, the figure was idenitified to be an Eevee but was wearing a strange attire. Long heavy robes that bears a symbolic presence and a cute beret to match, the main attraction was the cross pendant that she wore.


“Hello? What are you doing here?” Sunny asked and when she saw the robes, she remembered that a saint saved their lives earlier. “Are you the one who saved my life by the lake?”


“No, I saved the other.” The Eevee replied simply as it looked at the rain. “Have you ever wondered how heavy is the weight of destiny?”


“The weight of destiny?”


“Yes.” The Eevee said again and held onto her cross. “Not everybody bears its weight and those who do, some could even handle it. Such a cruel thing it is, isn’t it?”


“Well, I don’t really get what are you saying… but,” Sunny responded, “I believe that if I keep smiling, I will pull through somehow.”


“Hm, still naïve as ever I see.” The Eevee muttered softly. “Do you have a sister?”


“No, well, I am an orphan since young. I don’t even know if I have one.”


“Hmm… I am going to get going now. If you are looking for the spot I rescued you, it is over that way.” The Eevee pointed and Sunny turned to that direction. ”This will not be the last time you see me.”


“Huh?” Sunny exclaimed but then the Eevee disappeared as if she did not exist. Sunny shrugged it off and she soon managed to find the clearing eventually after a short while thanks to that mysterious saint.


The pink ribbons and cloak were still on the stump and Sunny picked them up; they were a little damp from the rain. She then took a closer look at the items.


These ribbons look really simple…. Like those that I could buy for a mere ten Poké but why did Luna so bent on getting these back? Whatever’s the case, I best get home soon. Luna would be so happy to see these again; this cloak must be important too.


As Sunny let the ribbons hang around her neck and started to walk back, there was a rustle in the bushes that Sunny failed to pick up. The sky was getting even darker and Sunny was a little worried; at night, these woods could become a natural maze that might take her weeks to get back.


“Is that her? Wasn’t that a little too easy?” a voice whispered when Sunny was out of earshot. “Thousands of Poké for the capture of this little girl? Easy money is the sweetest.”


Sunny was walking through the same path that she took.


I am really exhausted; I bet tonight’s dinner would be delicious. I can’t wait!


She soon saw the house in sight from the forest and as she was about to make her way there; someone’s paw extended outwards and forced a cloth over Sunny’s mouth, rendering her incapable of calling for help.


What is this? Help! Help!


Sunny struggled as hard as she could; screaming and kicking the best she could but then the lack of air hindered her efforts and slowly she was subdued and taken away.


Meanwhile, back at Sunny’s home, Luna was getting worried about Sunny but it was Nancy who was more worried and Thomas, Sunny’s foster father, had just returned home. Luna, who was a still a little weak, decided to look for Sunny; Nancy did not feel that Luna should push it so she went along with her. They decided to circle about the area separately; Luna heads to the clearing that she had asked Sunny to go while Nancy visits places that Sunny loves to go play. Luna reached the clearing quickly only to find nothing left.


My ribbons are missing so that means…. Sunny had been here. These imprints in the mud seemed to suggest that Sunny stood there for a while as the imprint was fresh and slightly deeper than those leading up to it.


Luna looked at the stump more carefully then noticed the paw prints heading towards the right. But as she wanted to follow, she heard footsteps and voices. Hiding in a nearby bush, Luna waited for whoever was heading her way. A Leavanny and an Emolga strolled into view and the Leavanny had a huge bag over her shoulders. Luna could barely hear what the both of them were talking about.


“Easiest ten thousand job in bounty hunters’ history.” The Leavanny said as she hauled the bag. Emolga sniggered darkly; they continued to walk, contented over what they had done.


“Where’s the meeting point?” The Emogla asked as he leapt up and glided down. “I want to see the cold hard cash myself.”


“They said the abandoned windmill somewhere near here. I am sure we are heading the right way.”


The bag started to squirm a little and Leavanny dropped the bag down at the stump, in front of where Luna was hiding. Luna tried to get a glance of what was in the bag and then she had a muffled scream; the Emolga hopped up and discharged electricity, stunning whoever it was. Luna’s ears then heard the distinct sound of a bell jingling.


It’s Sunny! I knew it, I should not have asked her to do this but why would these bounty hunters want her?


“Lucky we caught her before she completely changed guises or we would never find her. She swapped her ribbons for bells and a red bandana….” Leavanny commented as she stuffed Sunny back into the bag. "What a weird fashion sense!"


“We can count ourselves lucky. Let’s be on our way.” Emolga finished and they both were on their way.


It’s my fault… those bounty hunters were looking for me and… they mistook Sunny as me and they deduced that Sunny was changing away the ribbons to avoid captures. I have to get her out or my conscious would forever be tainted.


Luna stalked the bounty hunters through the bushes; she tailed them for a while before they reached the aforementioned windmill. The roof had collapsed inwards and the fan’s wings had broken off; the sky had darkened further and the moon started to rise. Luna waited patiently into the twilight.


The bounty hunters entered the building and they met a Glalie and Froslass who stood by a large capsule that had laminated see through glass and reinforced titanium rims. They exchanged a few words before Luna heard a sudden yell.


Imbeciles! You brought me the wrong Eevee; the target had silver eyes not amber! And also, she does not have the collar.” A voice bellowed and Luna giggled slightly at the thought that those two got the wrong Eevee.


“Calm down, deary. We could get keep this Eevee and send a ransom note for the other Eevee.” Another voice said. “She definitely knows our target; I guess that the target asked her to retrieve those ribbons.”


Wow her deduction skills were sharp and she guessed the whole thing correctly.


Luna looked through the window and saw Sunny all trussed up with rope and she seemed to have something in her mouth and taped shut. They brought out more rope and tied Sunny to a pillar as the bounty hunters brought out more paper and started to scribble a note.


“That’s good enough… bring it to the lakeside house.” The Froslass said soothingly and the two bounty hunters departed.



Luna knew she had to take her chances so she did.

After a while, Sunny and Nancy broke their hug. Sunny then shared her inner most desires since that they agreed not to keep any secrets anymore: her thirst for excitement and adventure; her dream of traveling around the world, meeting new Pokémon and making new friends.


Sunny’s zealous and animated elaboration was the source of contagious excitement; even Luna could not help but laugh at some of the wildest, most childish yet the most sincere words from the heart.


Nancy giggled heartily and then placed her pink paw on Sunny’s head; it was almost like a ‘snooze’ button as Sunny stopped talking instantly.


“Alright sunshine, you win. But, only if Luna would take you with her; even you would say that” Nancy laid out her conditions and then the attention returned to Luna. Sunny pouted with showed her huge puppy eyes; Luna felt a little uncomfortable.


Seriously? Sunny, tagging along with me? A bomb that could go off at any moment and leave a blood bath without even a second thought? Hell…


“No.” Luna declared firmly. Sunny looked disheartened and Nancy was a little sorry for her. There was a suffocating vibe lingering in the house right now; Luna roughly tightened the fasting to her cloak and walked out the front door. “I am going out for some fresh air.”


Luna walked around the edge of the river, kicking in some pebbles in frustration. Her life was already complicated as it was and now there was a possibly that Sunny may tag along, it was all too much for her to take in right now. As she wandered around, she found a swing that was suspended in the air from some branches.


This is just too awkward to continue staying there now. I better get moving as soon as possible! Ugh, it can’t hurt I guess… to take a short swing.


Luna sat on the swing; her hind legs dangling and front paws grabbing hold of the ropes. She swung herself and then played with the swing for a bit before she stopped. She then looked over at the lake; it was dank and dark, also like life and joy had been deprived and removed from the place.


This place… is rather sad…. There is little joy here; I am surprised that Sunny lived here. Her personality really gives the lake back what it needs. That ‘fire’ that brought light to this sad place.


“A penny for your thoughts….” Sunny asked as she approached Luna. “This is where I usually go to when I am down too.”


Luna nodded to acknowledge Sunny’s presence but kept her eyes to the lake; Sunny strolled to Luna’s field of vision and then to her horror, saw that Luna was sad. Then she did something that startled Luna.


“Burrrphff!” Sunny exclaimed as she used her front paws to distort her face; pushing her cheeks in way and squishing in her face to make it seem hysterical. Luna’s eyes widened as she saw Sunny being more weirder than before. “Nothing? Not even a smirk?”


“No… sorry. You need to do better than that to make me smirk.” Luna replied; Sunny was standing on her hind legs and then she slipped on a piece of twig and fell down on her back. Luna, due to the sudden comical act, giggled while using her front paws to muffle it.


And… she did it before one minute had even passed. She is really quirky, isn’t she?


“Are you alright? Oh nice bandana you have there.” Luna asked then realized the new addition to Sunny’s appearance. The red bandana was tied around her neck and it matched her amber eyes perfectly.


“I guess I really did not mention one thing…. I am on the run…. Those Pokémon earlier were after me; I am not a criminal but….” Luna started to explain; slowly easing into the breaking the news that Sunny could not possibly tag along.


“I see….” Sunny replied and Luna was shocked. “When those Pokémon came in and found out you were there and then they tried to chase after you was when I knew something was going on.”


“So I hope you understand… I think that it might be for the best if-“ Luna responded. Sunny then shook her head and placed her paw on Luna’s lip to keep her from further agrument.


“No…. If I knew that it would be dangerous, why would I still insist on going? I really love the thrill of adventure; both its ups and downs. I want to get out of here and be useful to my foster family. Plus, I also want to give those high-and-mighty jerks a piece of my mind. Maybe… you don’t think I have what it takes?” Sunny asked; Luna was rendered speechless as Sunny found out what she was worried about.


“How about a battle? I will prove that I have what it takes. Come on, I know a place that we could safely rumble. I also unlock a new ability that I want to test out.”


Luna could not object as Sunny nudged her in a direction. They arrived at a small clearing; there was a stump at the side where they could put anything that they do not want to risk getting damaged. Luna took off her cloak for the first time in a while and Sunny finally got a good glimpse of her: Luna’s fur was quite ragged and there were some noticeable cuts and scars on her face. Luna also took off her pink ribbons and left it, along with the cloak, on the stump.


“What’s that around your neck?” Sunny asked after noticing it. Luna bit her lip and walked to the left side of the clearing.


“I might tell you if you win; you would be my travelling companion with no objection if you do.” Luna replied, establishing the conditions. “But if you lose, I may have to reconsider.”


“I am getting hyped up! I will not lose!” Sunny said in pure enthusiasm and as she did, pockets of raging flames started to appear on all sides. Luna noticed this and was being cautious.


So that’s it…. Her positivism fuels that inferno; I need to be careful or I might end up seriously injured.


Luna scanned the surroundings and noted the positioning of the trees and leaves; the direction of the wind as well. It was now a stand-off waiting for one to make the first move.


Sunny did not hesitant that long and she sprinted forward and charged while the flames spun around her, creating a ring of fire; Luna teleported behind Sunny while she kept charging and ended up hitting a nearby tree with her head; snapping the tree in two.


Great, she had fallen for that ploy. I still got slightly charred from that. I can’t get close to her at all!


Throughout this fight, Luna was at the mercy of Sunny. Luna’s usual close combat style was rendered useless by Sunny’s fiery vortex shield. Luna had to get creative. Using the window of opportunity provided as Sunny was still suffering heavily from the headlong collision, Luna looked around for a solution. She then gave a smirk as she saw the distant river.


Fire's natural weakness is water.


Luna made use of whatever little time left to gather a few things before Sunny was back in action. Shaking off the last bit of dizziness, Sunny got back on her feet and looked around for Luna. Finding her standing at attention, Sunny smilled and reignited her defensive barrier then she leapt up and stomped down. A fiery shockwave came out. Luna decisively disappeared and then reappeared on top of Sunny, dumping a load of water using a large leaf on her. The small opening in the fire vortex allowed Luna to slip in. Luna slammed down on Sunny hard then bashed her with the side of her paw before doing a somersault kick to propell her in a direction before teleporting away so that the moving wall of fire does not hurt her.


Sunny had her face grind across the mud as she got her first taste of a real duel. Sunny was getting closer to the lake but she was not aware. Luna repeated her tactic of dumping water on top of Sunny (where the fire barrier was its weakest) and then going in for a quick melee. Luna’s ulterior motive was to slowly coax Sunny into going closer to the lake so that Luna has a better way to cope with her constant fire.


Just as Sunny was within a close proximity of the water, she started to get annoyed with Luna’s mobile moves. Suddenly, pillars of fire burst forth from the ground and it lasted for a few seconds before dying down then another eruption occurs elsewhere. Luna was caught off guard by the new form of attack and stuck thrice before she could finally get a breather. Sunny did not stay still either she was scanning around for Luna who had been all over the place, being extremely elusive. Luna submerged her whole body into the lake’s waters before coming out; this reduces the risk of burning for as long as there was a film of liquid. Sunny spot Luna by the edge of the lake bed and decided to ram her. Luna, at that moment,got a brilliantly simple idea.


It happened extremely quickly. Luna teleported to Sunny’s back while soaked. The fire merely tickled her as appeared behind Sunny who was suddenly missing a target and headed straight for the lake. Luna grabbed a hold of Sunny and toppled her to her side before positioning her hind legs to Sunny’s torso and her front legs, bent slightly, to the ground. Luna smirked darkly as Sunny was caught by surprise then she was rocketed skyward and landing in the lake. A huge steam cloud was the aftermath. Luna got up, panting heavily as she inspected the heavy mist that had fallen upon the area.


“I guess I outsmarted her easily. Her lack of experience was her fall and also her over dependency on her fire barrier." Luna muttered while she sat down to conserve stamina. When she noticed that Sunny had not reemerged from the water, instead there were just bubbles, something was wrong. "Shouldn’t she be out of the water by now?


 What’s… taking her so long? Don’t… tell me that she can’t swim?!


Despite being extremely tired out from overusing her teleportation, Luna dived into the lake and swam out to where she last saw the bubbles. Then taking a huge breath, she dove underwater.


It’s too dark… and murky. That idiot… but, she’s a powerful idiot. Someone like her, who has a happy life, should not tangle with me. I have nothing left to lose but she actually have somebody that would cry over her death. I… can’t allow someone like her to perish, its too cruel.


Luna managed to find Sunny and then she tried something crazy: teleport Sunny out of the lake and back to the shore. Luna’s teleportation consumes a lot of her stamina: this ability was unnatural and it was not a real teleportation. For a short burst, Luna actually moved her body extremely quickly. It was to the point where the eye could not even pick up so it appears like she had teleported. Using all she had, Luna summoned forth an incredible amount of strength and instead of teleporting, she hurled Sunny with enough force to send her flying out of the water and landing heavily on the muddy shores. But that was all she had left.


What… whatever that was, I hoped it worked….


Luna’s consciousness was fading as she sunk deeper into the depths. Suddenly, she felt something change. She was out of the water and was in the furry paws of someone. Luna’s vision was too blurred and her mind was on the verge of a shutdown to take note of details.



“Geez, I swear you get more and more reckless each time I meet you.” A feminine voice said before laying Luna down softly and then leaving.

It was high noon; the scorching summer sun was high in the sky and creating mirages along the roads. The cicadas buzzed loudly and the plants were thriving from the sunlight while being cooled by an automatic watering system. In the urban city of Azuritale, it was the last week of summer vacation; the local students were enjoying their last few days off while the stores were finally being relieved of the summer rush.


Around the central district of Azuritale, lies a grandiose academy known as the Millennium Institute of Arcana. It was a massive school; complete with dormitories, teaching blocks, gyms, pools, parks and other facilities. Its doors are always open to the general public but teaching blocks and dormitories were restricted to students, staff and other authorized personal. For the dormitories, the roof level is a penthouse that was often reserved for teachers; even the principal lives in one of those as well. In dorm block 6C’s penthouse, out on the veranda, a petite bipedal three tailed fox was enjoying the summer wind.


My name is Enya Flo and I am only 10 eras old (equal to about 12 years old). I am one of the newest Level VI Arcana Mages (the highest rank for the Arcana Mage) and I am one of the youngest to obtain this prestige: I am a orange-red fox with three tails and I love to wear some kind of earring. I live here in this penthouse with the principle. He is my godfather and he took care of me as a favour to my parents. Oh yeah... speaking of him, he is out today for official school duties and there another one that lives here...


The fox raised out her paws to stretch as the wind died down and the notorious summer heat started to increase. Getting up, the fox walked inside toward the living room where the temperature was cooler.


“I thank goodness summer's ending… I am sweating all over.” The fox said, en route to the washroom. Looking at the clock suddenly, her expression turned sour. “Io should on his way back…”




Meanwhile, a lone gold tabby cat walked down the street in the southern district of Azuritale. It was unique looking creature as well: it wore a pair of azure blue paw gloves on its front paws and a small metal collar. It also had a small steel tail ring and finally, attached to a stash around its waist was a dagger with its sheath. It walked on its hind legs while carrying a large plastic bag with its front paws. The most eye-catching feature was a mysterious magical sigil that was imprinted on its forehead; resembling a sort of eight pointed star. However, that mark was only visible to Mages and other Familiars.


“Yay! Shopping’s done -nya.” The little cat cheered as he opened up the bag and reached inside to grab a small bun that was kept inside of a plastic wrap. The cat smiled tenderly as that bun was a gift for him from the baker himself. “Well… DON’T MIND IF I DO-nya!”


Swiftly, the kitten tossed the small package containing the bun into the air. Dropping the bag with the groceries and catching it with its tail, he leapt up and did a small somersault in mid air. In a fluid motion, he reached behind him and grabbed his dagger and made a precise slash on the wrapper. Landing first, he quickly retracted his weapon and caught the bun in his mouth. Using his free front paw, he picked up the wrapper and threw it into the nearest trash bin. While walking down the near deserted street, the kitten enjoyed its free meal.


The tomcat suddenly felt an uncomfortable chill and turned around. There was a suspicious looking group of people looking at him. Sensing danger, the feline placed his head through the handles, he went down on all fours and started sprinting.


“Hey, cat!” the voices called, but the feline just kept running. “So that's how you want to play it.”


After a short while of chasing, upon passing by an alleyway, the feline felt a strange force trying to pull him back.


“This is… magnetic power-nya?” the little kitten said softly. “What are they-nya? Mages-nya?”


The magnetic force grew in strength suddenly and the poor tomcat was sent flying backwards. The tabby managed to grab hold of brick wall and then held his ground against the forces pulling him. But, his dagger got loose and flew toward the source before he could fully counteract the pull.


“Nya! What do nya want with me -nya?” The cat asked out while struggling against the magnetic force. He turned his head back to look at his chaser and then he saw his dagger in their hands. The feline's expression changed and looked extremely angst about what they would do to it. "My tesla dagger-nya!"


“Like we said, we wanted to have a little chat with you. More about you dumping your current master and being our pet familiar.”


“No way –nya!” the cat declared simply as it approached the group a little closer. “I love my current master –nya!

Please give me my dagger-nya!”


“We are not nice guys. Why not just do what we ask? We have ways of making uncooperative kitties talk." the gang mocked. "And if you resist, we will just have to break this cheap excuse of a knife."


"Nya! Please don't do that-nya!" the tabby cried out and carelessly lost his footing against the wall and was pulled into the group. There was a short tussle and the tabby ended being slammed into the wall and was pinned there with magnetic magic.


“If you have something to discuss about my pact with my familiar, I would prefer that you take it up with me.” A new younger voice spoke out.




Everyone’s eyes looked up. I know I do not look very imposing with my short stature ; at least I am bigger than my familiar. Io was lucky that I decided to come down to find him.


“Master Enya!” Io, the cat familiar, greeted with great surprise and the gang rose up to their full height to scare me off.


“Little girls should just run along home and let the big boys do their thing if she does not want to get hurt.”


“Is that a threat?” I responded darkly. My fantastic mood had just been shattered by these fools, I will be damned if I let it out without compensation. “I am pissed and I want to turn you into delicious dog meat.”


“Master-nya?! What are you trying to do?” Io called out frantically from his place. My tails ignited with an otherworldly fire and it’s warm hue made my presence stronger. Mirages were started to form as the temperature around started to rise as well. Io's eyes widened and then muttered something that only the thugs could hear.


"She's really angry... Don't worry I will call an ambulance for you."


“You are pissed?! YOU JUST TICKED ME OFF!” The roughest looking one amongst them, I assume it was their leader, the hound dog, spat at my direction. I sense the tingle in the air… he is an Arcana Mage. This just make these a lot more interesting.


He spotted a metal trash can nearby and used his magnetism to hurl it at me. I smirked and held out my own paw. I waited for the bin to close in a little more and to also build up a bit of power.


"What's the matter? Frozen at the sight of my awesome mag-"


I fired a small and condensed fire bolt precisely hit the side of the metal bin and crushed it. It then spun off to the side harmlessly, landing in a deafening crash.


"Wait - what?!"


“Awesome magic? My foot.... That was so weak that I wondered if you were even trying.” I said as I glared at him, another fire bolt was primed and aimed at them. I cannot be too reckless with my attack or I might hit Io as well.


“What kind of monster are you? That-t doesn't matter-r. We still have your familiar, you better cooperate or...”


“Master-nya!” Io called out. My eyes shifted and what I saw nearly made me die from mental laughter. Io was originally held down by the two goons at the back, big mistake I might add, but he shocked them and knocked them out and was picking up his beloved dagger and sitting on top of pile of stunned bodies. "By the way, mister, that Level I electric attack does not work on my Master-nya."


Ok, if this was started by me, it would have been called bullying. But this is just too rich... A Level I, as good as a beginner, against a Level VI, an advanced and powerful user. I can't even state how ridiculous this whole scene here was.


"What? Even that cat can do magic?" the bipedal dog called out, unable to believe that the rest of his buds were out of commission. Io smiled back at him and showed off a small electric spark from one of his paw gloves. Familiars are not permitted to attack unless directly commanded by their masters so Io did not retaliate his magnetism trap with his own power. He then got up and tried to flee the scene immediately. This guy needs to learn respect...


"Io, get him back here."


Io leapt to the wall and ran on the side with his electric power to stick to the metal foundations. Io may be small but he is really fast. It did not take long for Io to nab and paralyse the runner and bring him back. I glared at his fearful eyes as I decided his punishment; summoning a big fireball and aimed it right at him. I could see him trying to use his mouth to beg but he was fully stunned.


A huge explosion later, he passed out without even a single burn on him. My tails returned to normal as I approached Io who seemed to have been doing something else.


“Master-nya…” Io sniffled as I approached him. “I’m… sorry-nya.” He turned his head to face me; he already had tears running down his cheeks. He held out a squashed plastic bag with an equally flattened red bean bun. That was my favourite treat and now it flattened, even the red bean is spewing out.


I stayed dangerously silent as I controlled myself from simply getting angry. I took a few sharp breaths and then finally bent down, gave Io a soft punch on the head.


“That’s was for making me worried.” I said simply. I took a look at the rest of the contents, they were relatively fine. “You do know I still have to punish you for this.”


Io looked up at me and then smiled softly as his mood took a one hundred and eighty degree turn and was back to his usual upbeat self.


"I know-nya... but that's why I love you master-nya." Io said sweetly and then I ignited his tail and he jumped out and put it out quickly. Tears were back on his eyes again.



“Come on now,” I said to him as we got up and left the scene before the police showed up. “You know, you are a tom cat, not a little girl. Well, after I am through with your punishment, you might become one.”

A Vision Of Paradise Prologue
A reworked version that did not use Pokemon.

In case, you totally missed some of the minor points

The gold tabby tomcat (male) familiar's name is Io and its master is called Enya (female). And whenever, it goes to first person, it was Enya's POV. This is a world of bipedal/quadruped/serpentine creatures (no humans). Enya and Io lives in the school principal's penthouse dormitory.

Let me know if the story seems interesting


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