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Hey! You there!
Those are some beautiful features you have there.
That flawless complex, that lovely innocence, those wings.
I am sure you have many friends
I think you have a lot of secret admirers too, don'tcha.

You're being too modest.
You are beautiful, there's nobody that can tell me otherwise.
I am not speaking blindly
I love how you treat your friends
How you try to be there even when it was tough for you
You are beautifully ugly

I was not referring to your appearance
I do not care if you had the palest skin
The figure is unique to you
I rather know a fellow imperfect devil than fake angels
We have nothing to be ashamed about
We have opinions and we made our choices
Regret nothing

Hey. Please don't start crying on me.
Those tears, don't suit your style
All of us who kept our heads held high with our choices
Smile the brightest of them all.

We are the spiritually truthful to ourselves
We are not making illusions
We are not lying to ourselves
We are proud to be beautiful devils
I stood at the top of a tall spire, overlooking the city that was blissfully unaware of the darkness that is coming to destroy them. The wind was cold as ice and my fur gave no warmth; my heart equally frozen. My soulless eyes stared at the treatment centre down on District 15. It's almost time.

The foreboding chime of midnight rang echoed from the clocktower. I felt the tension in the air; she's coming. I am not the only one feeling it, everyone in capital could sense her. My heart is racing; my script memorized and ready to perform. This will be the grandest battle.

A shrill shriek came and I recognized her voice. She was in pain and I knew what she screamed out, even when I am this far away: Why.

The sky was soon engulfed by thick clouds and a dark flash of light in distance told me that she had finally changed. It's now or never.


"Don't... worry. I will bring all of you to heaven with me. A place where you all could be strong and happy. There will be peace, you can see all of your friends. No more tears, sadness, hate or anger. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Don't let those words fool you. She has lost all grips of rationality and what she is going to do... is to kill you; euthanasia. Her single wish of hope turned into a twisted obsession. That is... the true power of the ancient weapon. Honestly, I can care less about what happens to those egotistic Genesis or vengeance seeking Exodus. I have a purpose and I will carry it out to the end. Engarde!


I let out my a scream of pain as I was blasted back for the umpteen time . I smashed into the spire that I stood upon before I engaged her. I broke through the hard concrete and finally stopped while my back smacked against a support pillar.

I am lucky that I was durable at least. My time revolver... acts as both a sword and shield. But I can't draw both at once. I wanted to get back out there but I could feel the raging signals of my body. It was damaged, broken, I am barely clinging on to life. If I don't do something, my failsafe will trigger and everything... will be for nothing.

A sudden flash of dark light marked the beginning of the nightmare. Taint... lots of it, was being drawn out of everyone... including mine. My gem's radiance returned and I can heal myself if I wanted. A loud thump and a distinct roar later. I stopped struggling.

It's too late now. She landed before me. Her wings as black as night and as stained as a murderer's paws. Those eyes... once full of life and joy, now looking at me with cold and emptiness.

"Don't be sad. I will... bring you to a happy place. Where there's no suffering." she said with the demented voice that haunted me. She slowly approached me, her paws raised up and reaching forward. I know what she is going to do... and I can't allow it to happen. Like it or not... I failed once again.


I snapped my eyes open as if I just managed to wake up from a nightmare. I am back... at that orphanage again.

Why...? Why can't I stop her?
How... could you! She was... I loved her! Do you even have a soul anymore?

No. I don't exist anymore. Blame me if you want but I am doing this for your sake.

Are you sure? It seems like you are doing this all for yourself!

What do you know? You have no idea how much I had to go through. You protected me and I just wanted to repay the favor.

Your turn? You are always going to be my little sister; it is a big brother's job to protect their younger sister.

Little sister... I am surprised you could even call me that. I am basically as good as a demon! I made the Lord cry out in disgust and anger. How naively stupid are you to even have the guts calling me your sister!

I don't really get it myself. But, we are... tied by blood. We don't choose our family. I never regretted a single moment that I spent looking after you, watching you grow.

But I betrayed that! I don't exist anymore, I threw that away like a used tissue! How... could you...

(He grabs her paw and place it on his chest, where his heart's at)

You exist... right here.


Just some practice on my storytelling :D Tell me if I managed to get some feels out of you. This abstract is a scene with Aria (my time travelling Elute) and her big brother, Requiem
I am really lost right now.

So I will take a step back and see what I can do.
A Vision Of Paradise: Character profile + Persona by J-Starlight
A Vision Of Paradise: Character profile + Persona
I had been getting into the feline trend and created many new characters but... there's this one that stood out as a mirror to myself.

But first let's start with one that starred in its own story.
(The one on the Left)

Enya 'Phoenix' Flo

Three Tailed Fox

A prodigy with a darkened past.

When I first thought of a character for A Vision Of Paradise, I wanted a character that balances between quirks for comical impact, a deep personality with an insightful past and powerful fighting ability.

Originally as normal and generic as you would have it for her age, but her view changed and now she is a pessimistic. She build wall around herself and shutting out almost everybody. Her obsessive drive into studying gave her great power and "Insert SpiderMan Quote here" *Gunshot*

Sorry but with this character: With Great Power, Comes not great responsibility, but comes with enormous pain.

The quirkiness of this character stems from its young age (est. about just 12 years old human age). One key thing, she does not apologize verbally. (if so, usually as a joke or very sarcastically) 

Another funny thing about Enya is that she often only use Fire attributed magic. Pay attention to its THREE tails as it is deliberate.


Melke (Name derived from the word: Control)

The mysterious puppeteer

This character kinda personal to me. This is what you would call: Self Insert. Of all my Characters, I am most attached to Melke. <Expect him to pop up whenever I need to represent myself.


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"Good exposure breeds good art"

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ORACLE: Despair's End
(1 - ??: The day before Time stopped) is being planned.



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