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A Vision Of Paradise: Character profile + Persona by J-Starlight
A Vision Of Paradise: Character profile + Persona
I had been getting into the feline trend and created many new characters but... there's this one that stood out as a mirror to myself.

But first let's start with one that starred in its own story.
(The one on the Left)

Enya 'Phoenix' Flo

Three Tailed Fox

A prodigy with a darkened past.

When I first thought of a character for A Vision Of Paradise, I wanted a character that balances between quirks for comical impact, a deep personality with an insightful past and powerful fighting ability.

Originally as normal and generic as you would have it for her age, but her view changed and now she is a pessimistic. She build wall around herself and shutting out almost everybody. Her obsessive drive into studying gave her great power and "Insert SpiderMan Quote here" *Gunshot*

Sorry but with this character: With Great Power, Comes not great responsibility, but comes with enormous pain.

The quirkiness of this character stems from its young age (est. about just 12 years old human age). One key thing, she does not apologize verbally. (if so, usually as a joke or very sarcastically) 

Another funny thing about Enya is that she often only use Fire attributed magic. Pay attention to its THREE tails as it is deliberate.


Melka (Name derived from the word: Control)

The mysterious puppeteer

This character kinda personal to me. This is what you would call: Self Insert. Of all my Characters, I am most attached to Melka. <Expect him to pop up whenever I need to represent myself.
My struggle by J-Starlight
My struggle
The aftermath of a battle against my own limit.
Each palette tells a different story
From the reds to the blues to the browns
They form the foundation

The first step that I never took
Now I want to do a great leap
It is only natural to fall since I never learned to walk
But that leap, made me walk the road that many travelled

We talk about being unconventional
But is there a good reason why the path many take
Is that popular?
To know the rules, means you can break them
You can't break what you don't understand and know.

The plant have sprout a bud
And with it endless possibilities
so is the ways we can choose


This is taken from my phone (bad habit when I have a DSLR) but the moment was there.
How many times have you painted something, then to see the palettes you use and see something unique?
Why does it seem like... everyone I talk to ends up ignoring me for the rest of my life.
Is it because there is nothing left to be said?
Did I offend them?
Did the last joke went too far?
Did I step on a bug and changed the course of time?
Was it the look of my face? That badly needs a punch.
Friendship... I have long forgotten what that word means anymore.
What does it mean to be a friend?
What does it mean once you become someone's friend?
What tells you that had moved up from an acquaintance to a friend?

They say... you will know it deep inside.
Well, I don't feel anything.
I enjoy their company, even if I have nothing to contribute.
I want to feel included even though I do not exactly have anything that could help.
I sometimes just simply want attention. Even now...

The people I admire... they are always... talking.
It really seem like they have endless stories to tell.
An bottomless chest full of exciting things that they are just waiting to share.
They seem to be always on the ball with current events.
Seeking to find everyone to hang out with them after school.
I know I would never become like that but... All I want is just someone who I can relate to.

Is it a crime?
Whenever I talk with someone, I feel like I am snatching them away from someone else.
That feeling... was it empathy or simply overthinking?
Some people seemed like they have no shame and would command attention at all times.
I sometimes wonder am I too frickle?
Or... an ugly egoist.


Just got a hanging feeling and I am just getting out. Also, this is kind of a small experiment I am conducting.
PS. This is not a vent. But a character concept study
A Vision Of Paradise: WIP Character sketches 2 by J-Starlight
A Vision Of Paradise: WIP Character sketches 2
These two are still in the concept stage but their visual look seemed to be quite ok for now.

These two familiars are unique as they do not possess any innate powers of their own(e.i. Io's electric ability, Syo's 'Gate' and Dyr's Nature Force). But they were born with a stronger affinity to their weapon of choice and thus became extremely proficient in using them.

(Design unconfirmed) Atri's twin energy pistols (12 shots/mag): Reloads using momentum sequence where the user flicks open the chamber. expelling the used cartridges and immediately replacing them.

(Design unconfirmed) Elzi's 90 caliber railgun sniper (4 shots/mag): Reloads as per normal.

Signature moves:

Atri: (Run and Gun) After brief moment to focus, Atri reloads the twin pistols with whatever cartridge he pulls out and starts to run and gun. By multi tasking and calculating time between shots, he is able to unleash bullet hell on his foes.

Elzi: (Lock-on) Abandoning or switching to a unique magazine, Elzi loads up 4 special beacon bullets and attempts to tag her foes with them. After a successful tag, the beacon emits a loud sound and signal. After switching a specific set of tracer bullets, every bullet fired would seek and destroy any active beacons.


J-Starlight's Profile Picture
Jerry Toh
Artist | Student | Varied
"Good exposure breeds good art"

ORACLE is currently under rework:
(1-16: The Moon) have been completed
(17-23: The Sun) have been completed



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